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Benji Kay

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Seeking a career at the intersection of arts and engineering. I believe coding is, or should be, a creative endeavor. I'm passionate about the elegance and beauty of simplicity and efficiency. I live to design solutions which embody these principals, and I'm looking for a company that values them, too.



Software Engineer II

Telogical Systems; Norman, OK   Sept 2014-Present

Engaging in test-driven development of web solutions for the telecom industry utilizing AngularJS with UI-Router and Node.js with Express. Apps are styled with Stylus. Projects are built with Gulp. Tests are written with Mocha and Chai and run with Karma. And projects are version-controlled with Git/Github.

Technical Analyst II

Midland Mortgage, a division of MidFirst Bank; Oklahoma City, OK   Apr 2012-Aug 2014

Responsible for: designing, implementing, maintaining and supporting various technical solutions; streamlining multiple processes across all departments; wiping out redundancies; and empowering users with self-service tools. Selected Achievements: Planned and built HTML application suite and database structure to drive a complex, full-time quality control process involving multiple user roles. Revamped recorded document tracking workflow with automated barcode stamping at letter generation as well as doc identification and manifest creation upon receipt.


Short Story Label; Los Angeles, CA   2009-2012

Wrote, produced and engineered various music projects with Logic. Directed, shot and edited various film projects with Final Cut Pro. Managed content on and domains for Short Story Label website and official Love Is a Story website utilizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Designed and developed music composition/ear-training application for iOS in Objective-C. Provided domain management and web development services for Dodson Galleries.

Web & Database Administrator

University of Oklahoma; Norman, OK   2008-2009

Responsible for managing and updating content on the Price College of Business Center for MIS Studies website, as well as maintaining the Price College of Business alumni database.

Lab Assistant

University of Oklahoma; Norman, OK   2007-2009

Responsible for customer assistance and support with computer hardware and software as well as lab and printer maintenance. Support provided for Windows and Mac OS X.

Hobbyist Web Developer/Server Administrator/PC Technician

Oklahoma City, OK   2001-2007

Built and administered personal web server. Designed and developed web applications and graphic design portfolio utilizing HTML, Javascript and Flash. Designed and developed video games utilizing Basic and Flash. Built, upgraded and repaired PCs, PC networks and system software for Dodson Galleries, friends and family, and personal use. Built and managed content on and domains for bands Benji Kay and The Deadline utilizing HTML, Javascript, Flash, XML, MySQL and PHP.


University of Oklahoma

Norman, OK -- Management Information Systems, BBA

33 ACT /3.9 GPA


Game design; sound design; graphic design; user experience; creative technologies; music; film; photography; cinematography; architectural design; industrial design


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